Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Puddle Playground

This year we are teaming up with love puddle play ground. Together we are going to be creating a little village.

Wait, lets back up a minute. Who are these love puddle folks? What are they doing with our camp? If you didn't make it out to the playa last year or you didn't really ever make it out side of your tent in the afternoon let me clue you in.
Last year we camped two doors down from a camp that had a bar that served love puddle punch (read: tang and potato juice.) They were a jolly lot and kept our camp well lubricated. They had a gigantic twister board which they kept threatening to apply us towards.
We've all kept in touch and when the notion of throwing our theme camp together came up they were agreeable to joining us on the playa once again with their famous love puddle punch and giant twister board.

So, the slumber marshals are starting a village. Maybe we need a name for it?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Once again we have entered our form for the placement team at burning man to evaluate. This year we are shooting for 9 o'clock plaza with the hopes that we can be a top level show for the public.

A blog for us to share our accomplishments

This can be a simple way for us to share our accomplishments towards a theme camp and the like. Well I'm just trying to creat away for us to form more of an active community. I don't know. Sometimes It feels like I spend too much time thinking and planing for this grou and other times it feels lik I spend too little. All I know is there are few people I'd rather be working with than ya'll so her it is.

TST the blog.