Friday, June 15, 2012

A message from Poda and the Planning Crew

Hey TST Campers!

Hope you are all getting excited for the madness that will be Burning Man 2012. I wanted to send out a message that will outline the basic camp plans so far, and what we need from everyone that will be Twilight Spaghetti citizens. Of course there is much more room for developing these ideas, but I wanted to start a discussion so that everyone can get informed and get involved. I think we'll be able to pull off some amazing things this year!
So, our main goal is to serve spaghetti to the playa a couple nights over the course of the week. These dinner servings will require lots of hands on deck to not only cook and distribute the food, but also people to tend bar, man the megaphones, DJ/MC, hang out and drink with burners that come by, and of course clean up. I think we had cheerleaders 2 years ago... might need that too! You get the idea. All of these things are more fun than 'work' per say, but it does require participation from you guys! Our past experiences with serving food to the playa have been awesome, you meet a ton of great people and they are all excited to get fed before they head out to ingest mass quantities  of controlled substances, or whatever else their plans may be.

Some other activities so far that have been suggested:
A Cappella dubstep
Fertility themed human sized board game
Creating the photo-op boards (like the sexy sheep ones last year)
Robot dance party, other day/night party activities/bad decisions jenga game

More on the way of course...

We have also come up with a list of things about camp this year that we want all TST campers to go over before joining us on the playa. This is not meant to sound like camp is all about making rules, it's just a list of guidelines so that we can all have a great time together in our shared space that we will warp into a shared space of BM insanity. Check it out, let me know if you have any questions!

1. Introductions!
Our BM family is always growing as new people join us, so if everyone coming out this year could write a short introduction paragraph about themselves to our email group, it would be a great way to get to know each other before showing up in the desert. Some good ideas of what to include are: Short back story, location, first time burner?, what you're most excited about this year, how you plan on contributing to camp/BM in general, whatever you like really, the list goes on! If anyone wants to start this as a new thread, go for it.

2. Camp Participation
We ask that everyone participates in at least one of the spaghetti dinner servings/subsequent party nights. There will probably be three throughout the week. Of course it would be great to have everyone involved at all of them (and  probably the most fun option), but we understand that the playa has a bajillion different things going on and that the flashy lights off in the distance can be mighty distracting. It's a really great time, get involved and let's rock it out!

3. Get involved in the BM Community
We recommend that everyone take the opportunity to get involved in a volunteer shift on the playa this year. Everyone who has worked at the cafe, gone on a trip to the hot springs with the Earth Guardians, took a shift with the lamp lighters, planned a Feed the Artists dinner, worked in the post office, etc etc, has had an amazing experience and it builds great karma for everyone at BM as well as our camp as a whole. It's great to give back to the community that we all enjoy being a part of. You can sign up for these volunteer opportunities when you get to the playa, so don't worry if you don't know how to plan ahead for it.

4. $100 Camp Fee
We are asking that everyone who camps with us this year please contribute $100 to the PayPal account This fee will cover our basic costs, and auxiliary art projects have not been included in our budget (see previous blog post for budget breakdown). If you feel like donating more so that we can put the extra cash into art projects, that is of course very welcomed.

5. Booze and Propane
We have a great bar and dome party area that has been awesome for hosting parties, and we are asking that all campers please bring either two handles of liquor or two cartons of beer so that the booze can keep flowing all week long. Please also bring one or two green cans of propane for the camp stove if you plan on using it. We will be purchasing a heavy duty camp stove for everyone to use, as well as setting up a dish washing station and Quonset hut area for our kitchen.

6. Keeping common areas clean
Everyone please work together to keep the kitchen and dome area clear of moop, cigarette butts, dirty dishes, you get the idea. The kitchen has been known to get cluttered and messy, but if we all keep it in mind that we should clean up after every meal, it will be a much more useful area.

7. Trash - pack it in pack it out!
All campers have to be responsible for their own trash. Please pack out all trash that you generate. There are burn barrels available on site, but all other materials need to be packed out in the car you came in. 

8. Grey Water Pond
We will have a shower set up here this year (yeah!), and please don't discard things that don't evaporate in the pond... you know who you are! Please no projectile vomiting this year :)
In years past we had a two shower rule per person for the week, so that we can ensure that the water will evaporate by the time we leave.

9. Respect BM and our camp
You are a representative of our group and any damage you cause to the playa or BM infrastructure can be linked back to us and hurt the group's reputation (and chances of getting placed in forthcoming years). Please take this into consideration, and don't leave MOOP around, vandalize things, etc etc. 

10. Have a rad time with new and old campmates, jump into it! It's gonna be an amazing year y'all!

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