Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anticipating The Burn

Hey All!

How did we get to the middle of June already? There hasn't been too much progress on the planning end, but we've got a pretty good plan in place. The Bay Area crew is going to be grabbing the equipment and starting on the routine maintenance soon and getting our act together on the new builds. We've got to get our act together on creating a new camp sign, formalizing the layout and getting some new artwork for this years theme, Fertility 2.o. The big news is that we are officially placed on the theme-camp list and are eagerly awaiting placement. I'm holding out hope for Esplanade again, but last year was pretty cool being able to relax a bit.

The other goings-on is that Andy, Poda and I are going to Gerlach this weekend to assist with a DPW work weekend. I'm really looking forward to lending a hand and showing how badass TST can be. I also think that it's a great opportunity to get to know some of the DPW peeps that I've carded over the years. We've done a good job representing the camp over the past few years with Decompression which has been a blast. Last year we re-created our A Cappella Dub-Step for a solid 8 hours. We even got some love from our former neighbors over at Polyasylum or whatever they were called. I remember a bunch of our neighbors in that drunken-haze sort of way, and such is the Burning Man experience. I know that there are regional pre-compression events coming up and I highly recommend that anyone from TST participate. The more contact with fellow burners we have, the stronger the spirit lives on!

Post thread thoughts: Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been super busy being unemployed. That and I've been blogging non-stop about the SF Giants (http://viewfrom313.blogspot.com/).  Also I'm going to post another entry with some favorite memories from last year... I miss you all and will see you on the plays soon!

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